Sunday, March 23, 2008

...Good things come in threes... Part 1

Well I realize its been awhile (I'm trying to post once a week but I skipped last week it was my b-day the big 29) but here I am... talking 'bout beer and other assorted booze. So my last brew project (when I use the term "project" it means I drank it, when I use the term "experiment" it means I tasted it.) was a brown ale my sole deviation from the standard recipe was to add 1 cup of honey to the wort prior to pouring it into the primary fermenter. I did not notice any odd behavior during fermentation process or during bottling but on opening the first bottle I had a small explosion of bubb-les (pronounced booblays) and foam...and foam...and foam...and well you get the picture well you don't because in the excitement of attempting to contain the foam I didn't have a chance to snap a shot. I'm not sure if the honey is to blame or not. All in all it was a good batch though and I got no complaints from anyone. Also I have come to the realization that since I brew once or twice a month and am trying to post once a week I will have to write about other things so next week we write about the 2cnd good thing out of three beer being the first...just in this list... not my life

Thanks to my taste testers for this batch: Fransens, Becky, Lis, and well...myself (big pat on the back) Cheers all

Monday, March 10, 2008

The begining of great things

I like beer... alot, I have graduated from relying on alcohol content vs. price as the deciding factor in a purchase, to what will please my palate today? I have come to admire the some times subtle different textures and tastes and am finally enjoying beer as I believe it is meant to be enjoyed. Thus I have begun my brewing adventure. Three batches so far and only one had to be thrown away (incidentally the one of my own creation, but hey the show must go on) I realize those aren't great stats but its a start.